Launching of Exclusive Matrimonial Website
For Differently Abled Persons

  • We are delighted to inform you that we have launched an Exclusive website called with effect from 30-3-2017 on behalf of our sister concern Chennai Sai Thunai Matrimonials (As you are already aware we have another website in the name of for Brahmins).
  • The objective of the website to facilitate Marriages for Differently Abled persons and those who wish to marry them by developing a large database.
  • The service is totally free & open for all Caste & Religion as well.
  • The Registration can be done in person by post or in person at our office preferably on Sundays between 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
  • Timely Marriage is a must for everyone and more so for Differently Abled. But unfortunately they are least preferred in the Marriage Market in spite of their various other plus points like Talents, Income and Qualification etc. In other words marrying a person with disability is considered as a Taboo by most of the people even today making the Marriage Dreams for Differently Abled a distant dream. It is high time for the public to ponder over the matter !
  • Non-Marriage of Differently Abled persons causes extreme agony for their parents as they are perplexed as to who will take care of their son/daughter after their demise. The agony is quite understandable!
  • We have been extending special attention for the Wedding of Differently Abled even in the past and organized a number of Free Swayamvarams Too! But we could not achieve the desired results due to some reason or other mainly due to lack of adequate database.
  • To overcome this we have now decided to go in for lot of publicity through TV & other Media for enlarging the data. The launching function is also to be organized in a Grand Manner at the earliest.
  • We find many Grooms in the normal Category are unable to find suitable alliance due to shortcomings with regard to Overage, Income and Qualification etc. I suggest such persons can better opt for Brides with Minor Disability and make their life more purposeful.
  • Likewise we also appeal to persons with Disability to come forward to accept a person with same or Different disability instead of insisting upon only normal person & thereby postponing the marriages.
  • For Practical reasons we have stipulated a minimum monthly income of atleast Rs.15,000/- for Grooms.
  • As usual the website is very much user-friendly and to ensure some privacy of contact numbers, Password system is provided.
  • The profiles of Differently Abled persons already registered with us in ssmatri have been transferred to the new Website with a Fresh number. Members are being informed individually in this regard for submission of Fresh Regn form for our records.
  • We request all our clients to Transmit the Message about our new Website to your needy Friends & Relatives.
  • You are also welcome to visit our Website for full details including Registrations.
  • As a person who is affected with Minor Polio since childhood, I feel it is my duty and privilege to be of some service to such people in getting married.
  • With all your support and by God’s grace I do hope the website will achieve its purpose & prove to be “Number One” in the line.

Please acknowledge & offer your suggestions if any !

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